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Being a mother is always-already near to the wild heart.

This newsletter—named after the Clarice Lispector novel, Near To the Wild Heart—began on tinyletter on a snowy day in Montreal in 2017 and moved here on a record-breaking hot day in November 2022.

In this iteration, I will continue to post biweekly-ish entries on ~things/affects/pleasures/language/philosophy/politics/art/books/stories/food/climate~ as they intersect with motherhood. I will also experiment with what writing about and alongside parenting (two young children in our world) can be, and share playful explorations of my works-in-progress.

Near To the Wild Heart started as a way to find ~things/affects/pleasures/language/you~ during the isolation after giving birth to my son almost six years ago. I wanted to be vulnerable and clumsy in the experiences I was having—being a mother, desiring in ways I didn’t fully understand, making do with philosophy, familial unrequitedness, and feeling out of control with post-partum depression but not in any legible way I saw around me. Now, I am no longer depressed, have another child, and welcome new ways of making do.

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Praise from Readers

I feel so privileged to read this, to share the experience with you in relating some of your words to my own experience. —Emilie

I love the personal and poetic style of your writing. —Ash

what a beautiful and loving and intense (intensely packed, with layers of thinking) “letter.” com-plicated, comes to mind : folded together —John

Thank you for sharing and reminding of the beauty in the storm. —Evita


Magdalena Olszanowski is an award-winning writer, artist, and educator in Montreal. She received her PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University where she is now part time faculty. She also teaches at Dawson College and John Abbott College. An exhibiting new media and video artist as well as a writer, she has written for, or been featured in, publications such as esse, Feminist Media Studies, Visual Communication Quarterly, n+1, nomorepotlucks, and SXSW, among others. The first phase of her documentary, microfemininewarfare, has been featured at international art festivals.

She was recently named CBC’s Featured Columnist for 2022. Currently, she is on maternity leave and working on a bildungsroman set in 1970/80s Poland. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and now lives in the Villeray neighbourhood in Montreal, Canada.

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Weekly-ish writing at the intersection of philosophy, motherhood, art, and desire.


Polish-born Montreal based writer/educator/artist, PhD Communication Studies